Organic Fashion

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As we are aware of the climatic changes we are dealing with and our future generation would have to deal with, Ikshaofficial, a sustainable fashion brand, took an initiative towards organic fashion.

What is Organic Fashion?

We always come across such eco-friendly words such as organic, sustainable, and more. But what is means and how it actually relates to fashion brands?

Here we are up to answer your queries!

Organic fashion refers to clothing materials that are grown and raised in an eco-friendly way, meeting all the organic agricultural standards. Some organic clothing materials are cotton, silk, jute, or ramie.

Is organic clothing sustainable?

Of course, organic clothes are produced meeting all the eco-friendly measures without deploying the natural resources. Thus, it aids in sustaining the economic growth along with business productions.

Ikshaofficial – A sustainable clothing brand.

Ikshaofficial is a sustainable business that focuses on zero waste production. It’s a cotton line brand launched in 2018. Iksha Official even uses it’s left over pieces of clothes to make freebies such as scrunchies and more. Moreover, during the high pandemic, IkshaOfficial did their best to help the needy ones by providing them with handmade masks and saved many lives.

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