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Iksha official is designed for every woman and men. We use the best quality of fabric and pay attention to every detail.

Our focus is minimalistic style and unique silhouettes which fits every size and shape.

Iksha official is brand which offers comfortable casual wear with authentic colors and crafts from Rajasthan.

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Colours of Rajasthan

The prints, colours, motifs and easy-wearing silhouettes are inspired by Rajasthan.

Colourful culture, bright and cheerful people and colour-coordinated cities are called Rangilo Rajasthan.

Depicting the beauty of Pushkar Ghat, the crowded and colourful markets and the beautiful city.

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Valley of Flower

Valley of Flower is a destination where nature blooms in full glory offering a breathtaking experience. It inspires our design, color, form, shape and spirit.

In this collection, discover beautiful silhouettes with amazing details.

To see beauty, sometimes you need to change your perspective. Other times what you find beautiful evolves and grows organically.

A range full of delicate hand printed floral design in light and soft hues.

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2020 has been a year unlike any other in our lifetime. With the pandemic keeping people inside their homes and bringing in a new Work from home(WFH) culture.

To make your working life from home more refreshing and cheerful we have introduced an all-new Sleepwear + WFH collection.

“Gulmohar” is a relaxed collection and offers comfort while adding some beautiful fresh prints and patterns. The soothing colour palette will bring flair to your wardrobe, yet office-friendly.

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